Posh Isolation 10 years celebration

First 3 names announced for “Port Out, Starboard Home” 3 days of music, art and performance marking the 10 year celebration of Posh Isolation, in Copenhagen May 23-25th.

Puce Mary, Varg & CTM will perform as a part of “Port Out, Starboard Home”


Puce Mary is the solo moniker of Danish born, LA based talent, Frederikke Hoffmeier. 
With a long career in experimental music, countless releases, performances & collaborations, many of which have been connected to Posh Isolation, Puce Mary has reached wide acclaim for her powerful and unique blend of modern industrial music. Puce Mary will perform at “Port Out, Starboard Home” 

CTM, short for Cæcilie Trier Musik, is a Copenhagen based cellist, singer, and composer. In 2018 she released her album “Red Dragon” on Posh Isolation. CTM is an astonishingly unique voice in modern Danish music. CTM will perform at “Port Out, Starboard Home”

Varg is the voice of Swedish born Jonas Rönnberg, known from an almost endless amount of releases, collaborations and groups. From Pummeling techno to cryptic trap beatsover ambient acid, the styles and manoeuvres are unlimited and the workflow dizzying. Varg will perform at “Port Out, Starboard Home” 


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