Tal R: Garbage Man – 2016 at Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin.

“I had a mountain! These images were lying in a small mountain in the studio. When I went from one studio to another I would be carrying this mountain around, and I was really looking for an opportunity to get rid of it. Because, you know, I have a very greedy hand that picks up stuff. Kind of like with kids, you have to educate them – you have to educate your hand to make it stop picking up stuff. I’ll go to the doctor, and there’ll material in the waiting room for, let’s say, women who are pregnant and alone, explaining that they can go to a course where they make castings of their bellies, so they don’t feel completely alone with the pregnancy. There will be a brochure for that, and my greedy hand will pick it up, and cut out the image. These images had this electric attraction for me – I would pick them up, put them in my pocket and then add them to the mountain. So when I made these 200 collages, it was also a way of educating my hand and saying ‘okay, stop now. It’s over! It’s done! You have collected everything! Put the mountain behind you.” –Tal R


Tal R: Garbage Man April 2016 at Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin.


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